Executive coaching

Dentons - Patrycjusz Zamorski, Europe Director of Talent
“Andrea is a truly gifted and inspiring coach who knows how to get to the core of what her clients need. Being a coach myself and having worked with many highly qualified coaches in an international corporate environment over the past twenty years, I understand the importance of building a rapport with clients so that they can explore their goals and find solutions to problems. Andrea delivered all of this for me using a unique blend of coaching models and subtle techniques, some of which involve accessing the subconscious mind. She identified a number of key areas that are drivers for my behaviour, and we carefully explored these one by one. I am very grateful to Andrea for helping me unlock these areas and for giving me the practical tools to achieve tangible results. In my role as Europe Director of Talent, I have also seen how Andrea has helped my colleagues work more successfully in a demanding and competitive environment. It has been a privilege to work with Andrea, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their true self and live a fuller and more rewarding life.”
GTS CENTRAL EUROPE - Robert Lhota, Director of Engineering office, GTS Czech
“During my coaching sessions led by Andrea, I have experienced my biggest professional experience in my life. Based on this cooperation crucial and completely unexpected positive changes happened. Even though our sessions are not as frequent, the results are lasting.”

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MEDIA BUYERS - Lukáš Chmela, managing director
“Thanks to my coaching sessions with Andrea, I managed a period, when I was facing the biggest entrepreneur and managerial challenges in my entire career. My annual turnover increased six times. I am convinced, that the methods Andrea is using, belong to the fastest and most reliably working techniques, which are currently available on the market. I can highly recommend Andrea Považanová as a coach and also her methods.”
Cengiz Efe Okumus - Manager Ernst & Young, s.r.o., Transaction Advisory Services department
“Within a short period of time, you realize that Andrea has significant experience and many tools in her disposal. She tailors each session for you based on your goals. This enables a quick progress and your development becomes so obvious that you cannot miss it. She has a surprising understanding of dynamics of a high performing & demanding office environment and everything that comes with it. Thanks to this, her advice is accurate and valuable. For me, she have induced a deeper understanding of myself and my environment and also provided alternative perspectives to recurring situations.
I would recommend her to any high performing individual who care about their career as well as their personal life.”
Ing. Tereza Kubínová, MBA, CFE - Ernst & Young, Senior Manager
“Andrea, I thank you for the possibility to look at everyday situations and also difficult life decisions from different perspectives. Very helpful for me was realizing, how closely related is the personal happiness with work success and how to joint these two areas in my mind but also in my acts. Thanks to you, I have taught to appreciate myself. You are very inspiring person and I believe that your job will help many other people.”
Stanislav Pokorný - Ernst & Young, Associate Partner, Tax Services
“It was an amazing experience which helped me to get over the most challenging times of my life - divorce in combination with career promotion. I have realised what are the true values - me, family, colleagues. I have learned how to calm down, gain energy and get over the negative emotions without self destructive behaviours. Thank you!”
L’OREAL Česká republika - Jovana Hykšová - trainer
“Already after a second session I experience unbelievable feeling of relaxation, inner peace and calmness. Nervousness I always experienced before every presentation is suddenly gone. Thank you Andrea for everything!”
KPMG - Matěj Pára - business analyst project manager
“Thank to coaching with Andrea I finally understood that I do not need to be perfect. My panic is gone. Inner peace and freedom have arrived.”
CSE Assurance Talent Team - Jana Chludilova - Associate Director
“Andrea helped me to get inner peace, balance and self-belief. Since the first meeting she was able to recognize things very fast and to deal with it. Every session was effective, had a direction and was in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Andrea’s office is oasis of calmness, she herself is very empathetic and understanding, uses a wide range of tools and techniques, which are being intuitively and effectively combined. Thank you for everything, Jana.”
DACHDECKER - Josef Vlasák - Sales Director, Procurator
“With Andrea Považanová, I had the chance to take a look into the context of my life, that I had no idea before. Thanks to that I was able to remove the blocks and brakes of my personality and among other things I have decreased significantly my everyday work stress, which positively influenced not only my work but also my personal life. I had realized and understood the connections between work and private life and that showed me several important influences to my own success, health, balance and happiness. All the coaching sessions have brought me positive specific results and I met all my work goals, which I have set during the coaching session process. You can see that Andrea has long.term professional experience from coaching. She managed to systematically lead me through the process of change which made me to start to change my life and to live it according to my ideas and started to live it fully. Her very professional, slightly invasive but human approach have worked very well and we made together several bigger steps which have moved me several steps further.”
RINGIER CR - Ing. Tomáš Böhm - General Director, CEO
“Andrea Považanová in her positions of personnel director of Ringier CR, a.s. effectively used managerial coaching approach in the area of development of specific skills of employees, solving personal but also professional problems, hich have an influence on job performance and also within meeting specific goals during planning of organizational changes. Among other things, during her action as human resource manager she was very effectively active in connecting of personalistics between company Ringier CR, a.s. and companies Česká Typografie and Československý sport, which se obtained in the meantime. Among her competences were complete leading of personnel department, suggestions of appraisal systems and benefits. Her dealing with employees and other partners was always at a high level and also in nonstandard situations, she always was loyal, supportive and a team player.”
PERI - Bc. Lucie Myslivcová - manager receivables
“When my company offered me within my development to participate in the coaching process organized by Andrea, I had no idea what to expect and I was hesitating. But I was alone for my work and personal problems and I had no idea, how to organize everything, so that I would be calm, balanced and find my own personality and work fulfilment. Nothing went as planned and my feelings became more and more pessimistic. Therefore, I have decided that I want to try the opportunity. Suddenly a change came in my personal life, also joy and fulfillment and all this very soon made a positive difference in my work life. Balance and inner peace arrived. Andrea, every our session brought a huge benefit to my life. Thank you and with deep respect.”
Ing. Martin Dvořák - member of the board of directors Hospodářské Komory HMP, skupina PPF
“The time spent with Andrea made me see things from different perspectives and with an optics that I thought does not exist. It helped me to manage extremely difficult situations which I thought before they cannot be managed and solved. I consider this experience and gaining these skills as invaluable.”
KPMG - Ing. Tomáš Martinka - Assosiate Manager
“I have realized the value of my time. Thank you.”
EYELEVEL - Josef Zach - Director of Production, Logistic Terminal, PACKIT
“A person can be sure in his qualities, but as long as he is not able to sell them or find them inside them, they are not really useful. I felt alike until the time I participated in the Balance Coaching Institute led by Andrea. Any other praises are unneccessary. ”
CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE - Mgr. Petr Jedelský - President of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science
“Getting into an executive coaching process led by Andrey was the best decision of my life. I laugh more and met myself!”

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Work Life Balance Training

EON ČR - Ing. Milan Karásek, FCCA MBA - Head of group Accounting and Tax
“I participated in Andrea’s Work Life Balance training. Why did I like it? I know what give me energy and what takes it away. I am also able to activate my own energy. Furthermore, I have realized once again, what is my life goal and why am I here. Andrea shares training with real happiness and interest. I thank he for her unique, inspiring and human approach. From her job, her passion for what she does can be seen and for that, a huge acknowledgement to her.”
Ernst & Young – Kristýna Hercegová, HR Manager
„I recommend Work Life Balance to everyone, who need to make something clear in their lives, or know what they want to but do not know how to get there. Also to everyone who wants to be happy and satisfied in their work and private life and are searching for balance. I appreciate amazing atmosphere in the course as well as Andrea’s know how and enough of space, that is given to every participant. The biggest benefit out of this programme is huge added value to my work development.“

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PWC - Ing. Ekaterina Šmídová – Senior Consultant M∓A
„I would definitely recommend this course. The participation in course Work Life Balance has taught me how to easily solve problems and difficult situations, which occur in corporate environment and has showed me how to find happiness and balance. I apply all the techniques in my work and private life. Andrea’s approach and the benefit for my own life is great.“
KPMG – Zuzana Vaníčková – Audit Manager
„Great training. I recommend this to everyone who has decided for a change and is searching for a way. The programme Work Life Balance training offered me immediate tools for implementations fast change and long-term increase of energy. I evaluate Andrea´s approach at the highest level.“
Biogen CZ - RNDr. Michaela Hrdličková, MBA – Country Director
„Andrea, the entire course I appreciate how authentic you are, how you understand your job and how deep your knowledge and skills are. Thank you for sharing this with us. All the methods I have taught are appropriate for individuals and for team leading and I apply them. The number of modules of the training and the time distribution is excellent. Course Work Life Balance is different than other ones available on the market, it is effective and amazing!“
KOOPERATIVA, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group - Mgr, Michaela Vágnerová – Methodist specialist Personnel department, General Directorate
„Training Work Life balance, which I have completed with Andrea Považanová was very inspiring and enriching, because Andrea uses extraordinary techniques, which can intuitively describe what is in the moment the most effective one and how to get closer to oneself. I thank Andrea very much for her professional but human approach. Andrea is an amazing woman, who has a huge gift to move her clients forward on their way and broaden them possible options, which can be used in practice. I also appreciate sharing of experience of all the participants. The training made me very happy and even though we worked a lot you could see the happiness. I would like to thank Andrea with all my respect and everyone who took part in the training with me.“
MARKLAND KOTVA a.s., MARKLAND Group Central Europe - Ing. Jaroslav Petrů – Member of board of directors and General Director CEO
„Respectable Ms Mgr. Andrea Považanová is a unique professional in her fields, abounding with her strong inner peace, self-respect, deliberation and gracefulness. Personally I can confirm that all the techniques, that I have learned at the course Work Life Balance unconditionally work and change my life either on work or personal field. Combination of presented methods is absolutely unique and amazing. I know how to effectively manage my life, I know the passwords to my inner resources and among other things I understood that in simpleness there really is amazing strength a beauty. “
RCI Banque Salzburg - Ing. Pavla Langerová – Financial Analyst/risk Manager
„I was and still am very fascinated by what Andrea can do and the techniques she works with. Only a few minutes were enough to understand the connections between what really is happening in my marriage and where is the problem. What followed afterwards can be called a small miracle. I fell in love again with my husband after 8 years, which I did not even believe is possible. Training Work Life Balance with Andrea had a significant impact on my self-confidence and understanding where I want to go further in my life. It made me understand the principles of life and taught me functional tools, which can influence its quality. I got to know myself more in depth and learned how to manage with my energy. This training among other things very positively influenced the quality of my relationships and showed me and answer to a question where do I want to go next in my work life. Very pleasant was meeting new interesting people who had the same vibe. Wonderful investment.“
Arta & Design – Ivana Hronová – CEO
„Andrea and her transformational course Work Life Balance helped me a lot. I have met Andrea, when I was going through a difficult situation in my life and lost all my self-confidence and will to live. Thanks to Andrea, I have been able to gain again the lost drive and myself. She helped me not only in my professional life but also in my private one. I am very grateful for that and I value her very much, not only as a coach but also as a person.“
National library České republiky - Ing. Tomáš Bohm – CEO
„The training with high quality with a name Work Life Balance I would definitely suggest to those searching for a change, because they will learn combination of many effective and fast techniques and all this lead by great Andrea and also in a very pleasant environment. The training has taught me how to look at life from a different perspective and made me realize what I want. I have changed the approach and my view of human relationships and understood that my way and my life is only about me. I understood that if I want a change I need to do it myself and that all the needed energy is available for me in my own resources. The decision to participate in the course was a good investment.“
Katerina Vilimovská - Business Concierge
„After experiencing the educational programme Work Life Balance, led by a coach Andrea Považanová my financial income has increased twice and I am much more confident. I enjoy life with new quality and peace. During the training I have dealt with many of my personal problems and I have realize who I am and found my resources. I understood what I need in life to live it fully in every aspect. I know how to do it already. My energy has increased many times. I recommend this unique training from a position of realization, that life with problem really does not need to exist, when we know how to deal with them.“
Alfa Laval Central Europe - Ing. Renata Váchová - Managing Director
„The possibility to participate in the company development programme - Andrea´s Work Life Balance Programme see as a new way of meeting your goals, which have moved me forward not only in my work life but also in my private life. I use the received skills and resources in everyday life and within my family and my managerial position.“

Kraft Foods - Ing. Veronika Nosková - Managing Director
„I made the change possible to happen. Experiencing the training work Life Balance opened a way to coaching, self-knowing and inspiration. I understood that life is amazing and we can live it that way. I feel the support and respect to what exceeds us and I let everything to flow. Andrea always supports, shows a way and equips with all needed for independence, self-confidence and handling life situations. After this training I coach myself and have my own clients and a new passion. For meare the results of this course with Andrea great!“
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Life Balance Coaching

PhDr. Magdalena Nišponská Ph.D. - University teacher, psychologist
Andrea Považanová is my long-term colleague. I always felt a big respect to he professional overview and very precise, responsible and most importantly human approach to people who she is working with. Together, we have spent a lot of time having beautiful and inspiring debates regarding the methods she uses in her job – mostly about processes which deduces a man from his part, possible blocks or traumas and eventually orient him to inner relation to his life, people around him and a job. In her personal field of work, the topics of recourses and facilitation of personal growth are highlighted – the directions which are lately in the centre of research in organizational and work psychology and coaching as practically oriented growth support. Andrea Považanová is long-term interested in releasing the human potential in direction to his positive self-realization, autonomy feeling and embedding in relationships. The methods, that she commands precisely and in depth, she theoretically and practically integrates according to client’s needs. In a client’s seat I always felt in a safe, non-judgemental environmenr of acceptation and deep human interest. I deeply value her professional opinions, advices and overview, that are always very helpful.
Mgr. Nina Vysloužilova - Senior HR Manager Central and Eastern Europe PHILIPS
What is happiness? What is satisfaction of a game, whether we feel the game or career or even our life? Andrea interested me in first minutes of our meeting and her value deepens in my eyes every day. A bright human being, whose optimism, determinacy and balance show me, that whatever the external influences are, you can still have an inner joy. She is my guide to re-finding of my inner piece, revealing own value, facilitating personal potential and fulfilling my dreams, to which she gives me courage and breaks the boundaries of limitation. The excitement of the game is increasing and I am looking forward to our every meeting, which always puts me forward in my work and personal life. Not that long time ago, I used to ask „What do I want to“, now I ask „What makes me happy“.

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Karolína Milerová – CEO, LITTLE MOLE
Andrea is one of my few life certainties in this hectic and uncertain time, I admire her for her speed and work efficiency, which is still covered in fineness and love that is will touch your soul exactly where you need it. She is very understanding and a anyone can tell her anything without feeling inappropriately. I write my own diary with her and I am happy that she is its faithful and discrete co-author. I always am very excited to see her, because her energy and atmosphere in her office is as if you were on a short mental holiday and in the meantime work on yourself effectively. Thank you
Renata Tobolková - Financial Controlling, WOOD & Company
Andrea, I have no idea how this happened so fast. I sold my house, moved away, am in love and I am flying to Nepal. If it weren't for you. I am still sitting alone in my house and am looking outside the window with tears in my eyes how the river flows. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Petra Svarinska - casting director, VIVID CASTING
Andrea is a great guide for re-finding oneself. During 10 sessions thanks to her sensitive leading I went through a labyrinth and again reset my inner compass. What are the biggest benefits of this programme? I can finally say with love and a smile NO! Thank you Andrea:)
Bc. Petra Svobodová - manager for key partner ALLIANZ insurance
Every visit at Andrea as liberating and healing experience which has led to my goal to find inner peace, live and positively manage my professional and personal life. Andrea, that you very much for your help and for the company on the way to my dreams.
Mgr. Lenka Dvořáková - Secretary of Faculty of Natural Sciences UNIVERZITA KARLOVA
Fairy tale heroes have their wise advisors, with whom entering the 13th chamber is a bit more safer. Us normal mortals need to find you Andrea, to have the courage and find out that there is an amazing view from the 13th chambers.
Ing. Ilona Šilhavecká - Export Marketing Manager DERMACOL
Firstly I called my first meeting with Andrea a coincidence, today I call it a destiny. Her enter to my life brought me a inner peace, knowing myself and positive thinking, which displays in my personal and professional life. It is unbelievable, when a person wants to, how pleasantly it is possible to reach such great significant results. Andrea with her professional and sensitive approach can always see what a person needs - she touches your soul and leads sense. I am convinced that all the methods she uses as a coach really work and I can say that they made me happier, more balanced and I feel that I am walking in a right direction. I am always very much looking forward to our every meeting, it brings me knowledge, recharges my batteries and fills me up with harmony. Andrea, you have become a positive addiction to my life and I thank you for it!
Michaela Vrtelová - GUERLAIN Institute Prague
Andrea taught me to be happy from every day. To live and enjoy life. To live finally according yourself. For along time, she is not just a coach for me. I cannot describe her with a few words. The words are useless. You need to live it.
Mgr. Jan Páv - Head of PRE's Administration Agenda
Coaching with Andrea simply opened my eyes and made an unbelievable personal growth and harmonization within every aspect of my life. It helped me to give my life a new and better direction and the feeling of fulfilment and joy. To have the luxury to live the life accordingly to yourself. Andrea and her professional and loving leadership helped me to put my life events into connections and to find what is better in them together with the potential for next growth. She peeled me literally like an onion, layer by layer and she helped me to find the real reason of my inner unrest, to remove blocks and give me enough courage to realize the changes and my own desires. Step by step my life changes to better, I fulfill my wishes and I am happy. I am grateful, that I had the honor to meet Andrea.
Barbora Chaloupecká - executive producent CET 21
I consider the decision to call Andrea and start to meet her for the coaching lessons as one of the most important ones in my life. I have seen with my eyes that if I want a change and I am willing to do something for the change, I can do it. Since the first meeting, I knew that am at the right place. Andra helped me see my way, which I am walking. She showed me the possibilities, that life can be different and better and she helped me to remove my inner weights and fears. I am very grateful that I have a person like Andrea in my life.
Jindřich Michálek - World Champion in bodybuilding by organization NABBA 2010
My life after finishing the coaching sessions with Andrea completely changed. I found what I really want in life and I am not afraid to take risks and I feel stronger than ever before.
PhDr. Samuel Dobrovodský - Member of International Agency for Solar Technologies
When working with Andrea, a man feels like a child, who can eat the chocolate until the end of his life. It is unique to communicate about everything in such depth. Otherwise she is beautiful and calmness and energy emit out of her.
Petr Pětioký - Construction and Operation Manager VOLTCOM
Andrea, you gave my life a completely new and amazing direction, which sent me to a real understanding of things and events happening amongst us. Meeting with you was like a meeting with a person I was looking for my entire life. My whole life I thought that it is only possible to have the real inner peace somewhere on the other side of the world, hidden in the mountains next to tibet´s songs. Because I do not believe in coincidences, I am sure, that a coincidence is just an inaccurately understood managed even, and I know that also meeting with you was not a coincidence. After several meetings with you and your Workshops, I have started to fully realize that many things I could not do before, but I think more likely I did not want to see them before.. I have hidden these experiences somewhere deep in myself and I thought they will disappear. I don´t care, whether they were either work or private life matters, they have never disappeared and they were still (just unknowingly) influencing my life (mostly negatively). After meeting with your I have started to see things much clearly and in completely different contexts than ever before. If I should describe with one sentence which essential thing has changed my meeting with you, is certainly the amazing and indescribable balance in every aspect of my life. There are moments, when I am able to disappear in the present moment and to flow through it as long as I allow myself. And when I get back, I see the world with different eyes with bigger humility and better understanding. Andrea, You are a wonderful person, I feel very grateful for having the chance to meet you.

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